Advisory Team - Fit to Write for Settings - Thursday 23rd March 2023


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Advisory Team - Fit to Write for Settings

Thursday 23rd March 2023

9.30am to 3.00pm

Venue tbc - Winchester area

Through training input and tasks, we will explore how physical play supports children on their journey to becoming confident learners and writers. We will reflect on how provision effectively develops the necessary systems within the body required for mark making and consider how children can be supported to develop a dextrous hand, ensuring they are fit to write!

This training will consider:

  • How movement builds brains, exploring the link between brain development, physical skills, and learning
  • The importance of the body’s gross motor systems and how to develop these in practice
  •  The importance of fine motor dexterity and hand development and how to support development of these skills in practice
  • Barriers and lifestyle challenges linked to children’s physical development and how these can be overcome
  • The complexity of learning to write and how to support children with important skills like handwriting, letter formation, pencil grip and stamina for writing
  • Practical ideas for developing an effective learning environment which supports children in being fit to write

    Price: £60.00

    Note for Hampshire schools please be aware that Hampshire schools must pay for training using IBC Internal Trading (Academies and independent schools are able to use payment cards)