Reach for the stars! Challenge for all in PVI - Face to Face - Date TBC


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Reach for the stars! Challenge for all in PVI - Face to Face

Date TBC

This course examines how the adult can facilitate challenge through effective interactions and a high-quality enabling environment. We consider the high expectations we should have for all children by exploring how every child can be sufficiently challenged through skilfully facilitated learning.

The aims of this training are:

  • To explore how the themes and principles of the EYFS can be used to challenge children to reach their full potential
  • To gain practical ideas for how to challenge children

    Price: £29.99

    NOTE FOR HAMPSHIRE SCHOOLS – please be aware that Hampshire schools must pay for training using IBC Internal Trading, so are unable to use this Shop.

    Hampshire schools should submit this online booking request to book a place, remembering to include the contact name and SAP user-id of the finance/business officer.

    This will allow SfYC to raise an Internal Supplier Request for the school to complete and make payment.

    (Academies and independent schools are able to use payment cards)

    NON-HAMPSHIRE, OUT OF COUNTY SCHOOLS AND SETTINGS – All schools, settings and other organisations outside of Hampshire will be charged a 15% surcharge on top of the standard cost.  If a member of the SfYC team needs to travel outside of the county to deliver training, expenses/mileage may be charged from the Hampshire border. Price on application.