Meet the Author: Jessie Keane - Basingstoke Discovery Centre - Saturday 17th September 2022


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Meet the Author: Jessie Keane

Saturday 17th September 2022


Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Bestselling author Jessie Keane in conversation, discussing the unputdownable new crime drama Diamond.

"Behind every strong woman, is an epic story..."
It’s the early 20th century, and a desperate young girl changes her name and flees the confines of her brutal, dominating gangland family in London. Now calling herself ‘Diamond Dupree’, she goes to Paris to become an artist’s model but the world there is brutal and cut-throat and she soon falls on hard times. When she manages to escape at the end of the First World War, she leaves behind a mystery - and a dead man. Back home in London, she reluctantly re-joins the Soho family ‘firm’ she’d once been glad to leave behind. Having grown tougher during her time in Paris, she soon becomes a force to be reckoned with; a feared and respected gangland queen. But then she meets Richard Beaumont, the youngest son of a wealthy aristocratic family, and the prospect of a different life unfolds. But how long can Diamond avoid the long arm of the law? And will her crimes finally catch up with her?

Ab out the Author:
Jessie Keane is a multi-million copy Sunday Times bestselling author. She was born in Winchester in the back of a traditional gypsy barrel topped caravan parked in her parents’ back garden. Grand, her maternal grandmother, was Romany but had settled down and lived with her parents almost like a regular ‘gorgi’ or house-dweller, although she refused to give up her van and only came indoors to use the facilities!

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