NEW! Elklan Speech and Language Support for 3-5’s


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NEW! Elklan Speech and Language Support for 3-5’s

Spring Term:

Day 1: Wednesday 26th April

Day 2: Wednesday 10th May

Day 3: Wednesday 7th June

Day 4: Tuesday 27th June

9.30am to 4.00pm

Venue Winchester tbc

Please register your interest in Spring term dates of this course by emailing

Elklan's evidence based Speech and Language Support for 3-5’s is a highly successful, externally accredited training course. This practical training course will:
• build your confidence and skills to support the communication and language development of ALL children aged 3-5s years, but especially those with speech and language difficulties.
• give you practical advice and strategies to support parents and families with whom you work.
• provide settings with a highly skilled workforce to help narrow the gap and improve the life chances of young children.
• give you an externally verified and accredited level 2 or level 3 award.
You can find more information about the course content here:

As part of this course you will work through 10 modules and have the opportunity to gain accreditation for the work you do through apt awards (9 credits at either level 2 or level 3).

Following each day of the training you will be given access to portfolio tasks which will need to be completed to achieve the accreditation. Learners should expect to spend up to 4 hours after each session discussing, reading, reflecting, observing, planning and writing assignments.

The cost of the course is £405 which includes access to the training resources, the Early Language Builders 3-5 manual as well as all accreditation fees.

If you have queries regarding this course please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or

Price: £405.00

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Hampshire schools should make payment using Internal Trading then complete and submit this online booking request (remembering to include the payment reference number) to book a place.

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