SfYC Inclusion Conference: My Sensory Needs – How to decode and help me regulate my behaviour - Saturday 11th March 2023


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SfYC Inclusion Conference

My Sensory Needs – How to decode and help me regulate my behaviour

Saturday 11th March 2023

EII Court, Winchester

9.30am to 4.00pm

This one day Conference will encourage you to reflect on your own practices through the keynote in the morning and interactive workshops which have been designed to give you practical strategies and techniques to take away and use in your area of work supporting young children be this in the home, preschool or school setting.

Keynote Speaker: Alison Cairns – Director at Ace Children’s Occupational Therapy Limited / Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist Dip COT, BSc (Hons) Alison qualified as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in 1989 and has a background in neurology & physical disabilities. She has worked as an HCPC registered OT with children since 1998, specialising in children with complex needs such as Autism, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy. Alison was the clinical supervisor for OT students and clinical team lead within her last NHS role between 1998 and 2014. She is trained to Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner Level and has experience acting as an expert witness for tribunal cases.

Alison’s keynote speech is entitled, “My Sensory Needs: How to decode and help me regulate my behaviour”. The session will start with exploration of how self-regulation develops across childhood. The presentation will then move on to discuss how development and sensory processing impacts on self-regulation, and how an OT assesses self-regulation. Alison will also delve into the differences in sensory processing difficulties and behaviours.

Delegates should book 2 x workshops (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) the overall cost will be calculated at the point of purchase.

SOLD OUT - Workshop 1. Inattention, Overactivity & Impulsivity - Understanding and supporting behaviour. This workshop will focus on developing your knowledge of executive functions and the important part they play in the regulation of attention, impulsivity and overactivity. We will focus on identifying strategies to support behaviour and create enabling environments.

Workshop 2. A sensory experience for all - This session will support you in understanding how sensory processing difficulties can feel. We will explore a range of practical strategies and ideas that you can use within your setting and at home to support the children that you work with, as well as give you opportunities to make some resources to take away with you.

Workshop 3. Person-Centred planning - the Circle of Adults Approach - Do you sometimes feel that you would like to work with other members of your team to communicate more effectively about a child? The Circle of Adults is a framework which is designed to help those who know a child best to share ideas and come up with solutions to problems. This workshop, run by an Educational Psychologist, will introduce you to the framework, so that you have a good understanding of how to use it in your setting. Research shows that this is an excellent person-centred approach to thinking about what might be going on for a child, to better understand what their behaviour is communicating and to think about where to go next.

SOLD OUT - Workshop 4. How do I feel? This will be a practical workshop introducing ideas from a play therapy approach. It will focus on nurturing positive relationships with children. There will be opportunities to try some simple but fun techniques that can be used with young children.

Please add any dietary or accessibility requirements to the comments section on the payment page.

Please book 2 x workshops (1 AM and 1 PM session) or your booking will be void.

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