Down by the Pond at Queen Elizabeth Country Park - Wednesday 29th May 2024


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Down by the Pond

Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Wednesday 29th May 2024

10.00 to 10.45am, 11.00am to 11.45am or 12.00pm to 12.45pm

Join us down by the pond to see who is hiding beneath the water.
Children will be able to get a hands on experience investigating around our pond. Using tanks, nets, pots and identification sheets they will to discover the creatures that lie beneath the surface.

What you need to know?

  • The session is only 45 minutes long so please remember to come on time you will not be able to extend your session if you are late
  • Adult supervision is required at all times, adults are not required to book a place
  • This activity is suitable for children aged 3 – 12 years old
  • Please wear suitable clothing & footwear (wellingtons) be prepared for rain or shine (sun hats)
  • Please bring a spare pair of trousers and socks as this activity can get mucky and bit wet at times
  • On arrival please go to the visitor centre with your proof of booking
  • This activity is non-refundable/ non-transferable
  • Parking charges apply at all times

For further information regarding out activities please contact the Visitor Centre on 02392 595040 or email

Price: £4.50 per person