Driver Skills Scheme 60+ Appraisal


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Driver Skills Scheme 60+ Appraisal

Before paying for an appraisal, please contact the Road Safety Team to check availability in your area. Call 01962 846100 or email

For drivers of 60 years and over who want to update their skills, gain confidence or adapt to a new vehicle. This appraisal is also suitable for those drivers recovering from illness or injury and those advised to attend on health grounds to guide a doctor on driving skills.

The appraisal is delivered from the persons home, using their own car. It takes around 90 minutes. Please note, this is not an assessment of your fitness to hold a driving licence and, as such, may not be recognised by DVLA if they are carrying out a medical enquiry into a legally notifiable medical condition.

For more information regarding this course there is an Older Driver Appraisal Leaflet available for order, free of charge.

This appraisal is for Hampshire residents only.

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