Early Talk Boost In House training


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Early Talk Boost In House training

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children who need help with talking and understanding words, helping to boost their language skills to narrow the gap between them and their peers. The programme aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months, after a 9 week intervention. The intervention pack comes with everything you need to deliver the program, including a tracker, session plans and books for families.

This full day training will give practitioners the skills and knowledge to understand the rationale behind Early Talk Boost, identify appropriate children, deliver the intervention and measure the children’s progress.

Before the training you must purchase an Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack for your setting at a one-off cost of £550.  Please purchase these from Speech and Language UK directly here: https://speechandlanguage.org.uk/shop-for-educators/early-talk-boost-intervention-pack-pre-order/ entering the licensee name “Jennifer Done”.

Early Years Pupil Premium funding could be used to support the purchase of the Intervention Pack and settings can join together to purchase the training and split the cost.

Please note that practitioners must have their packs to hand during the training. Practitioners will not be able to participate in this training without the pack.

Childminders are welcome to attend this training however they will need a group of children aged 3-4 presenting with a language delay in order to run the intervention.

For further information about Early Talk Boost please visit: Early Talk Boost (speechandlanguage.org.uk)

Full day 6 hour session.

Price: £600 per full day (up to 20 learners)

NOTE FOR HAMPSHIRE SCHOOLS – please be aware that Hampshire schools must pay for training using IBC Internal Trading, so are unable to use this Shop.

Hampshire schools should submit this online booking request to book a place, remembering to include the contact name and SAP user-id of the finance/business officer.

This will allow SfYC to raise an Internal Supplier Request for the school to complete and make payment.

(Academies and independent schools are able to use payment cards)

NON-HAMPSHIRE, OUT OF COUNTY SCHOOLS AND SETTINGS – All schools, settings and other organisations outside of Hampshire will be charged a 15% surcharge on top of the standard cost.  If a member of the SfYC team needs to travel outside of the county to deliver training, expenses/mileage may be charged from the Hampshire border. Price on application.