Staff Supervison - E-learning course


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Staff Supervison - E-learning course

This new eLearning course is for those new to providing supervision in childcare settings. By the end of the course attendees will have greater understanding of the purpose and processes of supervision in childcare settings. The course will cover the following aspects:

What is supervision?
Purpose - why do supervision?
Process - key elements for effective supervision
Documents and recording
This eLearning course will take about 30 -40 mins to complete and contains a mixture of information, clips and quizzes to support the learning. Please note this training is run through the SfYC Moodle pages and you will therefore require computer and speaker access. You will also need to provide an up to date email address to enable access to the e-learning.

Once you have purchased a place a Moodle log on will be e-mailed to you.

Price: £12.00

NOTE FOR HAMPSHIRE SCHOOLS – please be aware that Hampshire schools must pay for training using IBC Internal Trading, so are unable to use this Shop (Academies and independent schools are able to use payment cards)