Step-by-Step Watercolour Painting for Wellbeing - Totton Library - Friday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th May 2024


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Step-by-Step Watercolour Painting for Wellbeing

Totton Library

Friday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th May 2024

10.00am to 12.00pm

FREE tuition, £8 for materials (if you don’t have your own)

This is an introduction to watercolour painting. You will create a new painting each week, step-by-step, in a relaxed friendly environment, and discover the ways in which watercolours can help to promote wellbeing.

  • Describe the ways in which watercolour painting can help to promote wellbeing
  • Identify which aspects of watercolour painting techniques promote calm and tranquillity
  • Outline your chosen subject and apply paint in layers to build towards a final picture
  • Apply light and shade to build a three-dimensional effect, adding realism to your painting
  • Create four different pieces of work using the knowledge gained from the course

About the course: This course is intended as a basic introduction to watercolour painting that walks you through a series of exercises that result in colourful pictures and can also promote calm and a sense of achievement and wellbeing

Who is this course for: This course is for beginner watercolour painters and those interested in learning how painting can help promote wellbeing

Previous knowledge or experience: No previous knowledge is required, just a desire to learn new things and have some fun

How will I learn: There will be demonstrations and clear step-by-step explanations of how to complete each task, along with a lot of encouragement

How you will be assessed: A brief discussion at the start of the course will establish your starting point, your understanding and your expectations of the course. Final discussions at the end will establish your progress.

What shall I bring: Buy/bring watercolour paints with a mixing tray, a selection of large and small brushes, watercolour paper, HB pencil and eraser. OR Alternatively, materials can be provided by the tutor for a one–off payment in advance of £8 for the 2-week course

Next steps: Further Art courses or join Chat and Craft at Totton Library

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