Blackwater Valley - A Dragonfly Paradise


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The Blackwater Valley area was described in the 1930s as a dragonflies paradise. Since then gravel extraction has created many more lakes and ponds, making it one of the best areas in Britain to see both dragonflies and damselflies.

Blackwater Valley Dragonflies is an easy-to-use guide designed to enable people to identify the 30 species they may encounter across various sites in the Valley. It features detailed descriptions with close-up photographs and information on where and when to find the different species.

A must for Odonata enthusiasts, this 48-page, full-colour booklet contains:

close-up colour photographs and descriptions of all the dragonfly/damselfly species found in the Blackwater Valley
general information on the life-cycle of the dragonfly
a list of sites to visit accompanied by a map

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