Blackwater Valley - Blackwater Valley Butterflies


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Walk anywhere in the Blackwater Valley on a sunny summer day and you will inevitably see many different butterflies.

Learn all about these butterflies with Blackwater Valley Butterflies, a colourful and informative guide, which includes information on all the different butterflies and their habitats found in the Valley, written by Peter Martin, of the North-east Hampshire Area Team for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of Butterfly Conservation.

Ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about the many beautiful butterflies found in the Valley, this 52-page, full-colour booklet contains:

descriptions of all the butterfly species found in the Blackwater Valley
close-up colour photographs
butterfly habitats within the Blackwater Valley
general information on the life-cycle of the butterfly
a list of sites to visit complete with annotated map
information and chart on the different butterfly families
chart showing butterfly flying periods

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