Winchester Pipe Rolls on CD-Rom 1398-1399 to 1425-1426


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Pipe rolls of the bishops of Winchester, 1208/9 to 1454/55 on CD-ROM The Winchester pipe rolls, perhaps the most celebrated manorial records in existence, have been described as ‘incomparably the longest and richest series of manorial accounts available for study by modern economic historians’.

Dating from 1208/09 and continuing until 1710/11, they contain detailed annual accounts of income and expenditure on the bishop of Winchester’s vast estates, which at their greatest extent covered 60 manors mainly concentrated in Hampshire but stretching from Taunton in the west to Southwark in south London.

The rolls include a wealth of information about the crops and livestock raised, the peasantry who worked the land, and the bishop’s tenants and properties, and shed a uniquely detailed light on the economic, social and agrarian history of southern England.

The rolls are written in abbreviated Latin. The surviving rolls for the years 1208/09 to 1454/55 have been digitised (192 separate rolls). This set can be purchased for £950, please Ask a question about this product below.

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