Blackwater Valley - Explore the Blackwater Valley


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The Blackwater Valley Path book has been updated, expanded and renamed Explore the Blackwater Valley. Not only does this new guide include clear, specially drawn maps and a detailed route guide of the 23-mile long distance path that follows the River Blackwater, but it also gives lots of useful information about sites and places to visit along the way. The Blackwater Valley Path is mostly flat and passes through woodland, flower-rich meadows and urban areas as well as alongside lakes and ponds. A path offering contrasting views, it links a wide variety of nature reserves, country parks, watersports facilities and other recreational areas. Anyone wanting to explore the area and walk the path will find this 48-page, full-colour guide essential.

  • clear, detailed maps
  • a step-by-step description of the route at-a-glance
  • chart to Valley sites and their facilities

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